About the World Almanac of Islamism

The fight against radical Islamism has emerged as the defining struggle of the Twenty-First Century. Yet today the international community knows precious little about the groups that espouse this extremist ideology, their ideological programs, political and/or military capabilities, and worldwide appeal.

The threat posed by Islamism is very real, and it is growing. From Western Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Horn of Africa, moderate forces are finding themselves under growing assault by radical Islamist forces proposing a harsh totalitarian worldview. In some countries, such as Great Britain, Denmark and France, the challenge posed by radical Islamism is still limited in scope and embryonic in nature. But in others, including Somalia, Lebanon and Pakistan, it is mature, and poses a mortal danger to the future of the current state.

Charting the worldwide spread of radical Islamist ideology, as well as the successes and failures of foreign governments in confronting this challenge, is essential to informed policy-planning on the part of the U.S. government and our allies in this struggle.

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge discuss the value of the World Almanac of Islamism