Yahia Zoubir

Yahia H. Zoubir is Professor of International Studies and International Management, and Director of Research in Geopolitics at EUROMED MANAGEMENT, Marseille School of Management, France. His recent works include, Global Security Watch: The Maghreb (Praeger, 2013); North Africa: Politics, Region, and the Limits of Transformation (Routledge, 2008); “The Sahara-Sahel Quagmire: Regional and International Implications,” Mediterranean Politics (Nov.2012); “Tilting the Balance toward Intra-Maghreb Unity in Light of the Arab Spring,” International Spectator (Sept. 2012); “The Libya Spawn, What the Dictator's Demise Unleashed in the Middle East,” Snapshot, Foreign Affairs (July 2012); “The End of the Libyan Dictatorship: The Uncertain Transition,” Third World Quarterly (July 2012); “Algeria’s Path to Political Reforms: Authentic Reforms?” Middle East Policy (July 2012); “Algeria and Russia: Reconciling Contrasting Interests,” The Maghreb Review (Sept. 2011); “The United States and Libya: The Limits of Coercive Diplomacy,” Journal of North African Studies (2011); and, “The United States and the Maghreb: Strategic Interests” (chapter in America’s Challenges in the Greater Middle East, 2011). He serves on the board of numerous international academic journals. Zoubir is also an international consultant for governments and businesses.