Meena Singh Roy

Dr. Meena Singh Roy is a Research Fellow and heads the West Asia Centre at the Institute for

Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA). Her area of specialisation is Central Asia and West Asia.

Prior to joining IDSA, she was a senior research scholar in the Department of African Studies,

Delhi University. She was associated with Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Oriental

and African Studies and London School of Economics for her research work. She was a visiting

Research Fellow with German Institute of Global and Area Studies Institute of Asian Studies

(GIGA) in 2014.


Dr. Singh Roy has several peer-reviewed articles and papers focused on West Asia and Central Asia. She

has also been involved in net assessment reports and strategic gaming on West Asia and Central

Asia. She has published a monograph titled The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: India

Seeking New Role in the Eurasian Regional Mechanism (2014), books titled, International and

Regional Security Dynamics: Indian and Iranian Perspectives (ed.) (July 2009); Emerging Trends

in West Asia: Regional and Global Implications (ed.), (2014), Persian Gulf 2016-17 India’s

Relations with the Region (co-edited with Prof. P. R. Kumaraswamy), 2017; Ideology, Politics

and New Security Challenges in West Asia (ed.) , 2018 and completed the joint Delhi Policy

Group and the IDSA Task Force report on West Asia in Transition in 2015.