Kamoludin Abdullaev

Kamoludin Abdullaev, an independent historian from Tajikistan, has more than forty years of

experience in study and teaching the modern history of Central Asia with a focus on Tajikistan,

Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. Since 1992, Dr. Abdullaev is a policy analyst and independent

consultant in international non-governmental research organizations involved in conflict

resolution, conflict prevention, peace-building, civil society building, and education in Central

Asia. From 1994-2014 he actively participated of the international research exchange programs

in the field of history and social sciences. Awards include: Fulbright Scholar (1994, the George

Washington University and 2005, Allegheny College, PA); Regional Exchange Scholar (1995,

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for

Scholars); the British Academy visiting fellow (SOAS, 1996); Visiting scholar at the University

of Toronto (2009); Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace

(USIP) in 2010-2011; Visiting Research Fellow at the Humboldt University of Berlin,

Crossroads Asia (2014) and others. Dr. Abdullaev taught Central Asian subjects from

multidisciplinary perspectives at Yale, the Ohio State University from 2001-2013. He authored

and edited 10 books in English and Russian including Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan. Third

Edition. Lanham-Toronto-Plymouth, UK: The Scarecrow Press Inc., 2018 and Ot Sintsiana do

Khorasana. Iz Istorii Sredneaziatskoi Emigratsii 20 veka. (From Xinjiang to Khurasan. From the

History of the 20 th Century Central Asian Emigration). Dushanbe: Irfon, 2009, as well as over 70

articles in English, Russian, Tajik, and translated into French, Farsi and Japan.


Dr. Abdullaev graduated from the department of history of the Tajik State University and

received his Doctorate from the Institute of the History of the USSR in Moscow in 1983. For

more details go to his page at: kamolkhon.com